November 30, 2010

Did you get your Shop On??

Hi everyone! Here we are beginning another week! Did y'all do the whole Black Friday thing??  Please tell me this wasn't you Friday morning...

The Target holiday commercials have been hilarious this year! This lady is a little scary though, lol. She is a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal has some issues. I'm just not that kind of shopper. That is unless I'm in a craft store. Now that's a whole different deal right there, lol...

Friday was a rainy day around these parts, so I stayed in and caught up on some daytime TV. *J* worked Thanksgiving Day, so we celebrated Friday with a ham, potato salad, greens, and a banana pudding for dessert. Believe me when I tell ya I surprised myself! And who said miracles only happen at Christmas! =D
Take care and that's all she wrote!

1 comment:

  1. Those Target commercials are funny! My DD and I crack up everytime they come on my hubby thinks we are the ones with the issues. LOL