November 15, 2010

A DWTS Update, and A Little Crafty Goodness!

Hi everybody! I hope you had a great weekend, and this week has gotten off to a great start! I watched this week's Dancing With the Stars earlier tonight. All the couples did really good, y'all! All the dances and the judges' scores have made this a tight competition!! Last week, was good too, however, I felt Bristol should've ended up in the "bottom two" with her second dance. However, in the end, Kurt went home. So tonight the four remaining couples went head to head in the semi final round...I won't go into detail right now because I don't want to post any spoilers! As for predictions on who's going home, I'm not sure with this one.  It will come down to Bristol and Kyle...I can't pinpoint one over the other because although Kyle has been really good all season, Bristol has been the wild card. I didn't think she would make it to week 9. However, she has an endearing quality. She's not a performer like the other three, and people like that about her. So its anyone's I sound like a commercial, so I'm moving on, lol

I finished a craft project this weekend! YIPEE! Finally I can post a little craftiness...I started feeling a little self conscious. I mean, having a craft blog without the crafts is like showing up at a potluck without a dish...Forgive my slang, but it just don't feel right. lol!! I made a diaper cake for a friend. I've made her one before for her granddaughter, but I wanted to do something different with this cake. I knew I had found that "something different" in Susan's fabulous diaper cake designs. She had a beautiful baby girl cake here on her blog. I just love her borders and cake toppers! She's also a pro at swirling those diapers too--that's still a work in progress for me. So I rolled the diapers instead...Here's a pic:

I'm SO happy it turned out so well, and my friend flipped over it!!! Thanks again Susan for the beautiful inspiration!! Take care folks, and that's all she wrote!

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  1. You did a awesome job on the diaper cake I just love the color. Thanks for the shout out! LOL Your blog site is also looking good! Happy Crafting...Suzqucrafter21