December 16, 2010

Dear Santa...

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope everyone is having a great week! We got our first helping of ice and snow today. In fact, its been really cold and rainy a lot lately. Well, that and watching Charlie Brown Christmas is really putting me in a holiday frame of mind. I guess I better get there quick, fast, and in a hurry huh? It's hard to believe Christmas is only nine days away...Where did the time go??

Finally getting the chance to think about Christmas reminded me of a Sistah Bloggers challenge over on SOC about writing a Christmas wish list. This reminds me of those lists my brother and I would write for my Mom to pass along to Santa. So if I could give him my list now, it would go something like this:

Cheryl's Christmas Wishes

  1. A new pair of glasses! Mine have had it!! I am SO overdue for another pair and a new look!
  2. A new coat (kinda like this one) and some cute scarves. When I went to Chicago a few months ago, I wasn't prepared for the colder weather. (FYI: A light jacket here IS NOT the same as a light jacket there.) So my friend Jewel offered me an extra scarf, which really helped! (Okay, so I was still frozen like a Popsicle, but it made walking around bearable.) Every since then, I have developed a mild obsession a fascination with scarves!
  3. As for craft goodies, I'd love this punch: 
I've seen some really cool layouts and projects done with this!

 4. Copics, copics, copics...I've just been introduced to this world of art markers, and initially I wasn't sure about trying them because they cost a pretty penny! But with all the beautiful projects over on SOC and SSC, I knew I had to give them a try!

5. A pair of nice black boots! I wear boots year-round, and I have worn mine OUT! Plus a chick needs a pair to look cute while getting my scrap on, lol

Finally, I'd love to find this under a tree...In my yard!

Okay, so maybe I'm stretching it a bit.Nothing wrong with dreaming big, right? Have a great evening folks!  
And That's All She Wrote

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