December 22, 2010

My Favorite Things: Holiday Edition, Pt 1

I'm baacck! Hope everyone is having a great evening, possibly baking, wrapping those last few gifts, or just resting up in anticipation for this weekend! I hope you're getting the chance to enjoy some of the things this holiday brings--time with family and friends, hopefully a breather from your typical schedules. Before we know it, Christmas 2010 will be behind us and we'll be moving forward into a brand new year! Before all that though, I wanted to share a few of my favorite holiday things:

  • Houses all aglow with holiday lights! (Like this one) 

  • Eating those gooey cookies and treats. You know those holiday calories don't count, right? I'm going with that, so humor me okay? ;)
  • Listening to the local station that started playing all Christmas music on the way home from work
  • Speaking of music, it really feels like Christmas when I hear one of these on the radio:

    I love Nat King Cole! Classic!

    Or this one:

    Growing up, it didn't feel like Christmas unless we heard this at least once during the season!
    • Any of the following movies in any combination:

    That Will Ferrell is a fool, y'all! This movie is definitely on my holiday "to see" list every year!

    Well, these are a few of my favorite holiday things...So now I'm turning the tables on you! What makes you excited about Christmas? Getting those boxes of decorations out of the attic/garage? A particular holiday song? A special holiday memory? I'd love to hear from you out there! Thanks for stopping by, and that's all she wrote!

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