January 9, 2011

It's Been a Long Time...

Hello blog readers! It feels like a LONG time since I've really had the chance to post here! I don't think I've "talked" to you since last year...Wait, it WAS last year, lol. Just kidding around though...I hope 2011 will be a healthy, prosperous, and fun year for all of you! Lets make it the best one yet!

Before moving forward, I wanted to backtrack a little and tell ya a little bit about the holidays:

  • Christmas: Quiet...I spent it with my parents and extended family (aunts, uncles, and my grandma). We didn't really exchange gifts, and I'm glad about that. See, half of my family is unemployed right now. They have to live after Christmas, ya know--bills seem to be due right before or right after Christmas--so that is the priority right now. We had the food (now y'all know we had the food, right?), but it really was great just enjoying the time together. To top it off, we had our first "white" Christmas in decades.
  • New Years Eve: Attended Watch Night Services at church with my mom and aunt, to thank God for bringing us through another year. It just feels like I start the year off on a great foundation when I go every year.
  • New Years Day: I spent the day scrapping with my friend Randi over at Archivers. We've started the year off this way for the last four years now, so its become a tradition for us. Hopefully, we can get more of our friends to join us next year...And I hope we'll remember to get some hats and noise makers too...Now don't worry, there wasn't any dancing on the scrap tables...this time anyway, lol...I'll show you want I worked on in the coming week. I'm putting on some finishing touches...
Speaking of crafty creations, here's a pic of my New Years card:

It's really a simple card to put together. The penguin is a Quickutz die (it comes with the hat too). After you cut him out and put him together, he can go on any "festive" looking background--perfect for those scraps you   may have (or if you're like me, probably have) around. Plus, if you make a lot of these, you can use the extra cards for birthday cards--just changing the sentiment. I made a few of these, just changing the colors of the cardstock and patterned paper.

I also spent New Year's weekend watching this:
Now why did Oprah have to go and do that?? I think I'm going to be watching a lot...a whole lot. I think it's putting my love jones for HGTV in jeopardy...it's that serious, lol

Before I close this first "real" post of the year, I wanted to acknowledge my new followers out there! Yes (waving), I'm talking to you! Thank you so much for your interest in my blog! In surfing the internet, I now realize how many blogs are out there!! However, you take time out to stop by here, and that means a lot to this NC Peach! (smile) I am excited about this journey into a new year, and sharing that journey with you!

And That's All She Wrote!

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  1. Your card is adorable. I can see that being used alot.
    Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas....all you really need is family...and ofcourse the food :)