March 17, 2011

Top of the Morning to ya!

Okay, I know I'm not Irish...but I love Saint Patrick's Day! I think I got that from my mom. Once a year we would don our green apparel and join in the celebration!! And you better (or as I really say it, betta) not come around mom (or as I really say it, ma) without your green might get pinched!! So I just have to smile when I see the green decorations amidst all the pink and red from Valentines' Day.

I made a Saint Patty's day card:

Embossing: Cuttlebug template, Stamp: Studio G, Punches: Marvy Uchida

I wish the pic was better so you could see the green better...I wanted to do something different with this card, and it came to me!! Yea, I'll use quilling!! I already had the supplies in my stash too!! (Bonus points) I used this tutorial here...When the associate shared a quilled creation she had made while I was at an Archivers crop over the weekend, I knew I was on track!! Don't you love it when what's "old" becomes "new" again?? For a finishing touch, I used clear Stickles over the shamrock. It probably would be cuter if I had the green, but I used what was on it works well to "cover" those little traces of glue. ( don't have to tell anybody, lol) So in a few easy steps, you too can have a card that makes them all "green with envy," lol That's all I have today, so thanks for stopping by...and that's all she wrote!


  1. Very pretty card! Love the font.

  2. What a fun card. Love the quilling.
    I never knew you would get pinched if you didn't wear green! Good thing I stayed home today, lol.

  3. Very pretty card!! I really love the clover I ame saving it to my bookmarks for next saint patrick's day :)

  4. Lovely card, love the quilling it's the perfect touch.