May 15, 2011

Back to your regularly scheduled blog post...

Hi everyone! It's good to be back online after the big Blogger Blackout! Did you all make it through okay? This was my first time experiencing that! All I know is they had this chick sweating bullets...checking in every couple of hours to see if service had been restored. My last post was missing, and I couldn't leave any comments on other blogs. Thankfully, I got service and my post back late Friday afternoon, still without the comments a few of you posted though(which had me bummed). However, there were lots of bloggers out there that lost several days of unpublished blog posts that they'll have to retype. So I'm choosing to not complain...I just hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon. Blogger had a chick thinking about switching to Typepad for a minute there--I'm just saying!

Well, before the blackout, I had planned to post about a craft consumer alert that's been in the news lately. Apparently, there has been occurrences of debit card fraud at Michael's stores in 20 states across the US. To be honest with ya, with all of the coverage about the death of Bin Laden, I just haven't been tuned into other stuff in the news (media overload can be too much on the senses sometimes). So hearing about it really surprised and concerned me. It's probably "old" news now, but if you haven't heard about it in the news or while at a Michaels store this weekend, you can see a clip here. Personally, I'm real particular when it comes to my debit card--when getting gas, I go into the stores instead of paying at the pump, and I hit the bigger, well-known establishments. But this alert hit way too close to home-these fraudulent machines were found here in two local stores. So I will be rechecking my bank statements from the last few months and if you are a Michaels' customer, I encourage you to do the same. In fact, I may start spending cash only there from now on. Maybe that will curb my spending all together...well maybe not, lol. What about you? What precautions/habits do you take with your card spending? Are you a cash only craft-consumer (other than the online stuff)? 

Before I sign off, I want to say hi to my newest follower, Lisa...yes Lisa, I'm waving at you! Thank you so much! Thanks to all of you! 24 followers! Still shaking my head in amazement (smile)...Personally, I am learning to be grateful for all God has given me, and celebrating each day! So I am putting together plans for a little blog candy...[insert Dr. Evil laugh here]. My question to you, my beloved blog readers, should I wait until  I get that 25th follower, or do it to celebrate my 7th month anniversary and 50th post (which is quickly approaching)? What do you think? Until next time...That's All She Wrote!

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