February 21, 2012

What I Been Doing While on Hiatus...

Hi all! I realize that its been too long since my last post...way too long! All I can ask is what happened to February?? I had ideas I wanted to work on and post here, but I've been in a whirlwind since before the end of last month! This is what I've been doing since then--its kinda like one of those "This is what I did over summer vacation" essays we had to write in class! Here goes:

Since my last post, I met up with some of the NC ladies over on Scraps of Color at Archivers for a Women in Red/Cupid Crop for Valentines and Women's Heart Month. Let me tell you, these ladies are crazy!! We had so much fun! We're meeting up in again in March, and I can't wait to see these ladies again!

Then, hubby and I hosted a Super Bowl party for the in-laws the next day! 

That's him in the orange--in hog heaven!
I guess the Super Bowl for him is like a baby shower or wedding is for me, lol. I was excited about the Giants winning this year!

Then my family and I threw my mother a surprise birthday party the very next weekend!

As you can see from her face, she was BEYOND excited!! She had never had a birthday party before! We invited some of her coworkers from her former job--people that she's known over 30 years! I really wanted it to be a bigger event, but I've learned that if you wait until the "perfect time or place," it just doesn't come together! It was a lot of work, but I'm SO glad we did it!

I participated in a Black History Black and White Ball for the youth and seniors at our church this past weekend. The youth ministry didn't decide to do the event until the end of January, so we didn't have much time at all before the event to plan and get ready. I don't have pics from this event, but hope I get some to share, at least in a scrapbook page soon.

Finally, I had another birthday Monday! I had to work, but it was still a really nice day!

Needless to say from all of this, I learned one thing:
I am NOT a party animal!!
This chick is pooped, okay? 
 If I don't get to go to another event for a little while, I will totally be fine with that!

So just because you don't see me here, trust and believe I'm on the go doing something! LOL At least, I'll hope to have a few pages to share someday soon...I guess you have to live life, then scrapbook it, right?
I'll get it together, and come back with new projects very soon!
Thanks for stopping by,
...And That's All She Wrote

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  1. Wow Cheryl! You have been a busy little bee. However, it looks like you had a wonderful time at each event. Thanks for sharing.