May 2, 2012

A Pink and Brown Diaper Cake

Hi all!! May 2nd is Baby Day, celebrating babies and the miracle of new life! So I thought it would be the perfect time to share a diaper cake I made for a co-worker, who is home with his new bundle of joy as I type this! Pink and brown are the colors in the baby's nursery. I love this color combo, and was excited to use it on this cake! Now normally when I make one of these, I roll the diapers and use rubber bands. However, it came to me--the last thing new parents want to deal with when changing a baby on a changing table is a bunch of elastic! So I tried a technique I found on momaroo's blog with some changes. I used curling ribbon to form and hold the tiers together before adding the ribbon you see here. I still used a paper towel roll in the middle to give it a little more support, and hide a few goodies inside the cake. Here's a top view:

 I just don't know how the original poster made her cake so big! I had a time trying to keep each tier intact, even after using the curling ribbon! So my cake turned out smaller than usual. I still  love it though, and may try making it this way again.

Bagged up and ready to go!

If you have a little baby or grandbaby (or a big baby), or even a fur baby, be sure to give them an extra hug today! Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. That turned out sooooo cute!!! :)

  2. Beautiful diaper cake Cheryl :D

  3. That's so adorable! Great to give new parent a gift that's not only cute but also practical! I love it!

  4. That's a pretty diaper cake love the colors!