August 14, 2012

Latest Diaper Cake Projects

Hi everyone! Happy Belated August!! Now is it just me, or is this summer flying by at a breakneck pace? The children around here on the traditional calendar will be starting school in a couple of weeks, and Labor Day will be here before we know it! I started out with a long summer wish list, but now I'm not sure if I'll get to do half of the stuff on there...*sigh* But I have been having fun with my diaper cakes, and today I wanted to share the ones I have finished as of late. 

I forget how many diapers this first one had, but I used four receiving blankets, three bibs, and the little fella on top is actually one of those little backpacks toddlers wear...I love cute AND practical! As for technique, the top two layers were swirled and the bottom one had rolled diapers along the outside. I loved working with this color combo and this theme!

Then I tried one of these bad boys...

It's a diaper tricycle!! I never thought I would branch out to making one, but my friend Camilla, who I made these cakes for, is always challenging me to create these diaper creations with fun and unique themes and colors as gifts for parents to be. This time was no exception! The twist was to find Tiffany Blue baby stuff! Now we found "baby" blue, "Carolina" blue, but Tiffany Blue had me scratching my head a bit! It's a little blue, and a little green, but not deep like teal. But we found items at Tar-shay (Target) that were just right! Here's a front view:

The layers simply stand vertically to form the wheels! This cake was such a hit with the grandmother-to-be, Camilla had me to make this one a few weeks later: 

 This one had about 60 size one diapers, four burp cloths, two bibs, and as you can see, a pair of socks on the handlebars. Just so much fun to make!

Well, that's what I've been working on. I have more to make this summer, and a few at the end of the year. I'll be back soon with more paper craft projects! Got a lot of challenges and swaps I want to catch up on! Thanks for stopping by!
...And That's All She Wrote!


  1. Girl, you are talented! TFS!

  2. Ha, great fun, I love the tricycles! x

  3. Look at you Cheryl your diaper cakes are amazing!

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  5. Cheryl, your diaper cakes are amazing! You do awesome work.

  6. Cheryl, your diaper cakes are fantastic! You have created something so special for the parents-to-be. Great Job!