June 23, 2015

Lil Nurse Cards

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today I'm back to share a couple of customer cards I created recently. They were both made using Robert Jackson's Lil Nurse image.

The first one was for the customer's sister that happens to be a registered nurse. The patterned paper for both cards were from Recollections. And that bow was a scrap piece from my stash. I was sweating bullets about the size of that bow though, lol...but it coordinated with the rest of the card really well. And luckily, my client loved it! =D
She wanted the same image on this card, but since the recipient is a dental hygienist, she didn't want the nurse's cap. So I tried a little "coloring magic," turning the hat into extra hair. And I felt a lot better about the ribbon on this card, also from my stash.
That's all I have today, but I hope you've enjoyed my take on "One Stamp, Two Different Looks!" Thanks for stopping by! Take care, and if its HOT (or HAWT as I like to say) where you are, please stay in and stay cool! It's perfect crafting weather, lol...

1 comment:

  1. these are adorable! my aunt was a nurse before she retired and these made me think of her. xo