February 15, 2011

Just paying it forward with something crafty

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! Since it fell on a Monday, it ended up pretty typical for me. It was cool though because I came home to finish up something I really LOVED putting together...

 It's a Disney themed accordion book!

I did this with my Facebook friends in January as part of a Pay It Forward challenge. I told them the first five people who responded to my status would receive a special homemade gift. However, the respondents would have to post the same status and commit to make something crafty for someone else before the end of 2011. This is the first of those creations.

This album is for someone I've known every since elementary school. We haven't had the chance to get together in quite some time! So I tried to figure out, "What can I possibly make for this girl??" But then it hit me! I remembered seeing pictures of a trip her whole family took to Disney during Christmas. 

Paper on cover: Star Swirls, Real Magic Collection, Reminisce
Dot Paper:  Magic Dots, Reminisce, Stickers: Sandylion

The book was 6" square. I added the photo corners as a way to add the stickers without putting it down and taking space away from the pics my friend will add. Plus, I think they'll frame each picture nicely. If you try this project, you can easily add space for more pictures. I plan on giving her the book this week! I hope she'll enjoy it as much as I did making it.

I have a couple of more projects to do in the coming weeks, including another accordion book in a completely different theme. So I hope you'll come back again soon to check them out!

Well I'm signing off now! Have a great Tuesday!...And That's All She Wrote!


  1. That's an adorable little album! So cute to carry around those disney photos.

  2. Great idea! That album is so cute.

  3. that is such a cool album! Love it! How crafty!

  4. Wow, you did an incredible job with this. Your recipient will be tickled!

  5. Love the bright, bold colors! Looks like a fun project!

  6. That is so cute. I am sure she will love it!
    I too signed up for the pay it forward. I just have to send them out.
    Someone from Africa signed up. Wonder what the post will be for that one, teehee

  7. Wow Tracy! Africa?!? Now that would be SO cool to create for! I'm looking forward to coming over and checking that one out on your blog! =D

  8. Super cute! love the colors and theme!