March 2, 2011

From the Bookshelf: Return to Sender

Hi blog friends! I hope all of you had a great Wednesday! Today I wanted to share my thoughts about this book...Like most readers, two things had to meet my criteria for me to bring a book home from the library: a great title and an intriguing storyline. Usually between these things, the books I've read end up being really good, however, I pegged this book wrong. It told the story of Lin, a woman who wants revenge after seeing her son's father, at her son Will's NYU freshman mixer. Seeing Nick Pemberton brought back painful memories of her life before and after discovering she was pregnant at 17, after a brief love affair with Nick, a college guy she met at a party. She wrote letters to him over the years, only to receive the letters back unopened marked "Return to Sender." You can get a full preview of the book here. So the book started off great, but Ms. Michaels' multipaged, copied word-for-word "flashbacks" started to annoy me. I felt like Ms. Michaels rushed to "fix" Lin's life, like she knew she had a predetermined number of chapters before the book ended-and wanted to "fit" it in. On the other hand, the author went into detail about Nick's life and marriage, only to leave me "hanging" after he finally meets his son.  I mean, what happened to Nick Pemberton? What was his relationship with Will after that? Like I mentioned earlier, it started off great, but I honestly looked around at Ms. Michaels' other titles hoping to find a "sequel" to this book. Personally, I'm uncertain at this point if I will look any further.

To my book-reading blog buddies, I'd love to hear what your thoughts are, if you've read this book or any of Fern Michaels' other titles. I may give her another chance at a later date...maybe, if you have found a good one. That's all I have for now, so until next time...That's All She Wrote!

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  1. I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but isn't this cover just beautiful. I haven't read this book, and by the sounds of it I won't be ;)