April 12, 2011

Happy Mail, Happy Mail...

If its one "little" thing I love in my day, its "happy mail!" I remember racing my brother to the mailbox everyday after school or during summers growing up, just hoping to receive a letter, postcard or anything! Even if neither one of us received anything, bragging rights just on who got there first was enough for the moment, lol. As we got older, my brother lost interest, leaving the mail retrieval duties pleasure to me. Of course, the older ya get, the mail changes...there are more bills and junk mail than letters, cards, and mags! Every once in awhile though, I still get "surprises!"

This past week, one of those "surprises" came in the form of my cards from the SOC Monthly card swap! This month, the theme was Graduation, one of my favorite occasions to create craft projects for. So I wanted to share the participants' creations with you!

Top two: Creators unknown, Bottom Center: Nicole

Left card: Created by RJ, Right card: Made by Danielle

Left card: Yolanda H., Right Card: Thejuana

Top left: Created by Mari, Top Right: Made by Ivy,
Bottom Ctr: Nicole A

Now just in case you're looking for my card, it's not posted here. We had 20 participants, so it was possible that we wouldn't get one of our own cards back. However, I have one around here somewhere, and will post it around graduation time...So that's some of my fun mail for the week! What slice of goodness (a favorite mag, a letter from a crafty pen pal or a family member, or ANYTHING other than bills) do you receive in your mailbox that makes it a "happy mail" day for you? 

Here's to lots of fun mail for you today! Thanks for stopping by...And That's All She Wrote!


  1. That is indeed HAPPY MAIL - love it! Everyone did a great job on their swap. I have a little graduate (well, not so little - junior high schooler) coming up so these are wonderful inspirations!

  2. That's some good happy mail. I love a good swap. Everyone did a great job!

  3. Love the pic! That is too cute! Indeed, with so many great cards, that IS a happy mail day! Thanks for sharing!!