March 31, 2011

Blogs I Really Love Right Now

Since becoming a blogger, I have enjoyed hopping around visiting other blogs. As a result, I've accumulated quite a list of favorites. Most are crafty blogs, but I do have a few that cover other subjects! So I wanted to take  this post to share a few of my current favorites:

  • I found this blog recently on another blogger's favorites list, and I've been following her posts every since. She posts on all kinds of topics, ranging from being a parent, chronicles in deciding to go natural, fashion, shoes, and makeup to her spiritual journey. I really enjoy "Serenity's" blog because of her spectrum of blog subjects and her writing ability. 
  • Tracy' s Treasures is next on my list! This crafty blogger is totally inspiring because she has something crafty to share EVERY day, whether its a card, a tutorial, or even her current venture into copics! She also has a You Tube channel that compliments her blog. Stop by, and you'll be inspired to go get your craft on right away!
  • Lorie's The Peddler's Gallery is an "oldie but goodie," because you can already find her on my favorite blog list to the right. However, she continues to inspire me! I had the first chance to see the work of this talented card maker on the Scraps of Color website. She totally wowed me with her extraordinary use of color and techniques in her cards. So if you want to take your cards up a notch, go by to check out Lorie's blog for inspiration!
  • If you are looking for beautiful inspirational cards, the Our Daily Bread Designs blog is a great place to visit! I love this site simply it showcases beautiful cards that are designed with so much attention to detail and uses the fabulous ODB stamps! Love it!
  • Now this next blog features hair, fashion, and makeup...The Collective Musings of Tamara is a great blog with skin care advice and fabulous makeup tutorials for women of color! Personally, I'm trying to step up my makeup and fashion look this year (hey, don't laugh, a chick can be crafty AND cute, lol) so I plan on spending a lot of time over there! ;D
  • Finally, my favorite blog list wouldn't be complete without adding Real Life: Live and Unscripted, written by Adrienne N. She's already on my blog list too! But just like Lorie, Adrienne's blog continues to inspire me! She posts a wide range of topics from her family life, travels, cooking, to just "shooting the breeze" with Hump Day Ramblings. However, she's very crafty too! She shares her sewing, knitting, and other craft projects over there as well! She makes me want to take out my sewing machine, although my creations definitely wouldn't look like and believe! It's because of her writing style that I share a mix of crafty and non-craft related subjects.
Well, that's my bloggy love for now! I really enjoyed sharing this list with you! I'm sure I'll post another list in the future, as I come across all kinds of cool blogs in my searches! So now it's your turn...What are your favorites? I'd love to hear 'bout 'em! Who knows, you may see them again here on a future list!
That's all I have for today! Thanks for stopping by...And That's All She Wrote


    1. Thanks for sharing these blogs - I'm going to check them out!

      I'm part of Shimelle's class too.

    2. Awwww that is so sweet of you. I am really happy that you enjoy my blog, that sure put a smile on my face :) See the smile :)
      I must check these other blogs out.
      I so love checking out everyone's blog. Wish there were more hours in the day, creating, blogging, checking out other bloggers. When does a girl have time to cook dinner....oh ya take out, lol.

    3. Thank you so much for posting my blog!!!!!!

    4. Hi Cheryl.
      I just found you from Shimelle's class. Yep, I started late. I hope I can catch up to everyone. I loved your goals post. I need to do that.
      Nice to meet you!