May 3, 2011

A Jolly Good Time

That's what I had here at home watching the Royal Wedding this weekend! Yes, I am a Royal Watcher, lol. I didn't get up to watch the event Friday morning, but the DVR was set to roll!! I had to delete some other stuff I had saved, but it was SO worth it!

When I first heard about Prince William's engagement to Kate Middleton, it immediately took me back to his parents' wedding...I was in elementary school and totally fascinated with Lady Diana, her pouffy gown and that train! I remember the images of the Princess clutching baby William as a newborn, the cute preteen who totally had his mother's smile, the grieving young prince who lost his mother too soon...So seeing Prince William now as a grown man taking a bride is kinda like a full circle moment in history for me. I think many people feel the connection to this couple that I do: That despite being "royal," there's this sense of "realness" with them. It's a love story, a modern day fairy tale. And with all the negative stuff going on in the world right now, it has just been fun to witness love, a little happiness, and hope.

I love history and architecture, so I was already on cloud nine! But that little girl in me couldn't wait to see the dress...

Kate didn't disappoint! I like sleeveless gowns, but everyone doesn't have small arms (me, waving). So maybe designers will pay attention to this look, and bring lacy sleeves back! Another favorite for me was the hats. No one does hats like the Brits (unless you come with me to church on Sundays, or any church here in the South). These hats were crazy!!

I don't know what to say about this one,
so I'm just leaving it alone...
Prince William and Kate just seemed so happy! I just hope that they always take the feelings they have for each other with them as they journey through life together..                                                                                                                                                            .

So did you watch the Royal Wedding? If so, what did you enjoy most? If you didn't, what do you love about weddings (of course, wanting happiness for the couple is a given)?  Okay, I think the fever is over now...sigh
That's all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by
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  1. I ended up staying up all night to watch it live :-) It was beautiful and I even cried! She looked absolutely gorgeous and it was such a happy event. I even took pictures to scrapbook it!!

  2. I watched & loved it more than I expected to. The bride looked beautiful.