July 2, 2011

Pre-holiday greetings and a special request...

Hello everyone! I know, I know...I've been away for quite some time now. I didn't intend on being away THIS long! However, just because I've been out of sight doesn't mean that you've been "out-of-mind" for me. More to come on that very soon! But I am coming out of hiatus to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day! First to my Canadian readers:
I know this is a day late, but wanted to give you a little love! Now for my US readers:

Happy 4th of July Weekend!!

Now before I go, I do have a special request of all of you (and one more sign--feels like show and tell, but bare with me):

Please remember this visual (wherever you live) wherever you're driving, whether it's through town or on the highways and byways this weekend. It has been a deadly time on the roads here in Central NC this week, and that was before the July 4th holiday officially kicked off yesterday. It's okay to have fun, but be safe too!! I love you all, and I want you to be able to come back safe and in one piece (and be able to come back and check out my future blog posts, lol)...My name is Cheryl L. and I approve this message...Okay PSA(public service announcement) over now, lol...Have a great weekend!!
...And That's All She Wrote!

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  1. Just stopping by your blog to say hi. You have a nice blog. Don't you just love blogging? See at 2 peas. Have a nice day.