August 1, 2011

A RAK and 31 days, 31 posts

Hi folks! I wanted to stop in and share a RAK my SOC sistah Patricia sent me recently--my first one ever!! See Patricia posted a really cool card over at SOC with a Loralie stamp image. I thought her card would be a perfect idea for a card for my mother-in-law. She's a seamstress, and would get a real kick out of something like that. A few days later, Patricia was nice enough to send a package with all of this stuff:

Thank you SO much Patricia!! So I guess you know what that means...Somebody (hmm...I wonder who) will be trying copics soon! Wish me luck!

Dear blog readers, now I know I have been away way too long! I really didn't mean to do that. To be honest with you, I felt like I was at a crossroads with my posts. I read a lot of posts on message boards about the whole crafty vs. non-crafty blog content issue. When I started this blog, my goal was to post mostly scrapbook related stuff and I felt like I got away from that. Don't get me wrong, I love sharing bits and pieces of my thoughts. However, I was concerned that you all wanted more crafty stuff and I wasn't posting enough of that. So I stop posting and visiting blogs all together...Now I am ready to try again. We are all different, so every blog is gonna be different. I can only be me, not a poor copy of someone else. So to get myself back on track, I am attempting to add 31 posts in 31 days~some crafty, some just being "me." Kind of like Marion Smith's 31 day challenge without the videos (I'm working on getting a video camera, so maybe that'll come later). I hope you'll come back to check on me and see what I'm up to! (And if I go more than two days, I'm giving you permission right now to contact a chick, lol). Well, I'm posting this now, while its still Monday...until next time!
That's All She Wrote


  1. Hey Cheryl! Day one, done! So far so good. I look forward to checking back and being inspired :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Colleen! Come back to see me!

  3. Love your blog and all that you do here! Would not change a thing! Will be stopping by everyday to see what you are up to!