August 2, 2011

Day 2...A Small Haul of Crafty Goodness

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share some goodies I picked up over the weekend! Normally I wouldn't post about the goodies I've purchased because I don't want any visual evidence of my craft goody obsession to come back and haunt me,, usually I buy a little bit here, a little bit there because of my tight craft budget. It's not all that impressive to look at, believe me. However, AC Moore had such good sales and coupons last week, they had goodies even I couldn't pass up.

Now y'all, in my defense, I have been back and forth about these Spellbinders for quite some time! They had been taunting me, calling my name until I finally snapped under the pressure! The dies and the papers were all 40% off, but I had a 55% coupon too. So I took it to Michael's to purchase that butterfly punch...yes, that Martha Stewart has been twisting my arm there too with her "deadly" but irresistible punches...she's wrong y'all, just wrong. Unfortunately, they only accept coupons up to 50%. (I used a 55% coupon there a few months ago, so is this "new?") That was still good for me though...So what craft goodies do you find oh SO hard to resist when they go on sale?? Pick up any goodies over the weekend? 

To make matters "worse," I found out some more budget-breaking news today about a sale over at Joann's THIS week...sigh, I think I'm going to need an intervention,...cause if I go over there, that's gonna be...
 "All She Wrote!!"

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  1. Love all your items! I did some damage this past weekend also I bought some of the copic markers but only using coupons!