August 7, 2011

A Little More about Me...

Hi readers! I hope you're having a great Sunday evening! It's been a busy weekend, so I'm sitting here wondering where did it go! And I wanted to drop by and share my first two entries on the 10 day YOU challenge...

Two songs close to my heart

Now just thinking about this was a little overwhelming! Gospel is closest to my heart and speaks to me, but I love all kinds of music! My brother and I got that from my mom...if she liked it, she played it around the house!! So to simplify things I'll share one that I love right now and one all time favorite:

I love Marvin Sapp and his music! No matter what I'm going through, this song reminds me that God knows and He will give me the strength to go on.

Now, y'all might laugh when you see the next's a link because it wouldn't allow me to post it here.

Yes it's Janet Jackson's Control video!! As a teenager, I WORE this cassette out!! I admit tried to wear the black suits and even the key in my earring...didn't quite pull it off though, lol. (I have the pics to prove it...) Anyway, I still have this song in rotation in my car...

A Pic of Me

I don't have a lot of recent pictures, so I had to go back a little...This picture was taken during a trip to Chicago last Fall. I was...

feeling cold...a light coat in Chicago is definitely different than a light coat in NC.
seeing/looking at all the cool architecture in downtown
realizing that I wasn't in "Kansas" anymore (taking the line from The Wizard of Oz)

That's all I have, but I'd like to hear from you...if you had to pick two songs favorite songs, what would you choose? Thanks for dropping by
...And That's All She Wrote

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