October 30, 2013

A Spooktacular Time...

Halloween isn't until tomorrow, but I got to celebrate a little early by attending a Halloween themed crop at Archivers last weekend. These ladies scrapped from Thursday until Sunday, and I had a chance to join them Saturday night. Talk about fun--these ladies had me in stitches the whole time!  We ate candy and laughed, ate candy, cropped, ate more candy, lol Here are a few more pics:

A battle between pirates
Cathi and Trish (aka Supergirl) having a little fun.
This was my first time meeting Trish, but she was so fun!!
Ms. Barbie was the pick of the patch in her cute pumpkin costume
and blinking glasses
Don't be "tricked"--Besides the candy and costumes, there was some serious cropping going on!!

In addition to all the sweet treats, some of the croppers made goodies for everyone to take home.

And you know what? This isn't all of it, folks! If I don't get any treats tomorrow, I will totally be okay! It was just amazing checking out what everyone came up with. With so much going on lately, I couldn't pull off my treats or my costume. However, I'll be ready next year! Actually, I will be wearing that "costume" to work tomorrow. It's a simple outfit, but I'm still curious to how it will go over. What about you? Do you or have you ever worn a costume to work? What was the reaction from coworkers?

 Have a fun and safe Halloween! Take care, ...And That's All She Wrote!


  1. That is awesome! How cool to dress up for a crop - my favorite was Ms Barbie, LOL! :) I used to go all out for work, even though only a handful of people in the whole building dress up. The past few years though, I've just gone with one of the tail/headband/wings type of costume to add to my normal attire. Today, I wore some black slacks, a red top and black jacket ... and added some ladybug wings, antennae headband and a red/black bow tie necklace that came with it. I've gotten several smiles from co-workers and passers-by, and I'm fine with that. Love to make everyone laugh and smile. :) Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Ms Cheryl!! :)

  2. How cool! Looks like everyone had a fun time!