February 24, 2011

What's in Your Five?

Over on the Scraps of Color forum, one of the hot topics posted over there recently asked what are your three "Go-To" machines. It's a good question because most of the papercrafters I know have/use more than one machine or tool. In fact, the question kinda reminds me of those T-Mobile commercials asking "Who's in your five?" It made me think of what I pull out time and time again when I'm feeling crafty. So here's my list:

1. Yea, yea I know...its one of those archaic trimmers, lol. There are newer options out there, and I've tried a couple. However, this one seems to work for me just fine.2.The cuttlebug--oh how I luv my BUG!! When I saw this machine, I knew I wanted one. I really like the fonts that were out there for the CB, but the embossing folders, and the fact that I could use it with dies from other cutting systems had me sold! I have a pretty good Quickutz collection, and being able to "retire" my blue tool was icing on the cake! 

3. All Glue-Dot Products...Glue dots in all the sizes, continuous lines...you name it, I love it! Definitely a staple in my collection of crafty goodness. I use them in my scrapbooking, with my mini books, and even with my diaper cakes! For some reason, my hot glue gun doesn't work on holding the ribbon together. (I think the glue hardens before I can get the ribbon in place.) But the glue dots/lines...awesome!

4.The Xyron or "the little X"--this lil' thing made adding titles and diecuts to my pages and cards SO easy! Before I spent so much time and effort gluing each and every letter, sometimes tearing them...One of the best things since sliced bread, lol...

5. Finally, my craft ruler...Actually, its an 18" quilting ruler. It's clear, so its great for making sure my mats are even around my photos (yes, I still mat my photos from time to time--I'm an "old skool" scrapper), centering my titles and making sure they are straight...So that's my five, but I do have an "honorable mention" in my "go-to" craft creating collection:

The Perfect Layers rulers! I purchased mine from QVC and HSN carried them at one time, but neither one had them when I went to find them for this post. It was a LONG time before I used them after they arrived. Why? It comes with an exacto knife, and as much as I wanted the perfect mats, I like my crafting to be injury-free! I just didn't like the craft knife, (and I still don't really). However, I got over that" initial fear," and use it a lot!

Well, those are my "go-to" scrapbooking items. Now I didn't mention the Silhouette or the Cricut simply because I started paper crafting before these items debuted. I realized in writing this list, that its pretty basic, so I'll come back soon with a list of my five "fun" faves. So now you give it a go! If I was to take a peek in your craft room, what would be in your five?


  1. My faves are:

    My ATG gun
    heat gun(because I am too impatient to wait for things to dry)
    my date stamp
    wet ones(I am messy)
    my cutting mat and ruler

  2. Great post!! I love it!

    My top 5 are:


  3. Cheryl, thanks for commenting on my blog. Those metal holders are by Tim Holtz. There are 6 in a pack, with different shapes and colors.

  4. I have to say these are mine as well. Except for the rulers, I have never seen those.
    I have to say my
    thin sharpie
    post it notes

    Ok I did 6

  5. great to see what stuff people can't scrap without.
    Mine would be:

    big shot
    basic grey precision file set
    glue dots

  6. I love glue lines. It's taken me awhile to really use them but in the last couple of months I've used them like crazy! BTW, found you through BFS. See you in class@