December 16, 2011

Wait Santa...Wait!!

Hi folks! Did ya miss me? It's been kinda hectic around car has given me challenges this week, so we've just been taking it day by day. I am SO glad its the weekend!! Hopefully, I can get it straightened out and get my wheels back on the road again!! I hope your weekend has started off on a good note and you get the chance to wrap up your holiday to-do lists! 

I wanted to stop in and share a Holiday Blogger challenge we had over at SOC last week. We were to share letters to Santa. Now I know, I know...we're a little over a week away, and Santa already has his hands full! When I went back to check out last year's list, I noticed that it hasn't changed much. So this is my list, with a few changes:

My Christmas List--2011

  1. A coat...Now I realize I posted a coat last year, but I saw this one by Modcloth (pinned here)  posted on one of Adrienne's Pinterest boards, I knew I had to add it! I love the cinched waist and the detailing in the back! What can I say? I love coats!!
  2. I'm waiting on a few copics to arrive any day now, so I'd love to have this book 
  3. Next, I'd love to get some spellbinders! Okay,'s official! I am HOOKED on Spellbinders! I have a couple of the basic dies, but would love to get some of the shaped ones.
  4. The Nikon 1!! Have you seen the commercial for this one? I love it! I'm really not in the market for another camera (as hubby and I are on an electronics- purchasing diet), but the idea of one with the size of a point and shoot AND the ability to switch out the lenses, like a DSLR, is amazing!! I hope to get a closer look at it soon! Hopefully, "no one" is out there reading this, lol

5. Finally, last year I joked about wanting one of those Lexus SUV's out in my drive way, lol...Well, I'm toning it down a little bit this year. With all of the issues I've experienced with my car the last few weeks, I have to go along with my blogger buddy Tina. On her list, she mentioned a dependable car...I know that's right, Tina! I really don't know if that is in our budget  (ahem, Santa's budget) but if I could choose anything on this list, that is what I'd ultimately ask Santa for. However, this is the season of miracles, so I'll dream BIG! So what's on your Christmas wish list this year (crafty or everyday)? Whatever it is for you, I hope Santa brings those special goodies your way! Thanks for stopping by...And That's All She Wrote!


  1. Nice list. Thanks for the link. I say super duper A-men to the car!

  2. Enjoyed your lists to Santa & am hoping he can find some room in the budget for many of these awesome goodies!

  3. I like your list :)
    I really don't have a list for this year...hubby keep asking.
    The only thing I would love is to have my blog in book form :)

  4. Cheryl: Thanks for stopping by the gallery the other day. I can really appreciate your list to Santa. I wouldn't change a thing. I love Spellbinders too. I think they do so much for a card. I'm not sure how many I have, but it never seems as though you have enough. I'm addicted to Copics too and would love love to have this book. I took a Copic class in Richmond, VA with the author. She's terrific,so I imagine her book is too. I use a Nikon and I love it. I really hope you get to check this one off your list. Then there's my car. It's in cr itical condition. Pray for me and my car. :) I hope you're able to get something from this list.